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Management Consultants Assist Clients With Strategies for Success in Automated Calling Lead Generation

Management consulting firms like Cane Bay Partners assist client with a broad range of projects and concerns to help the business become more successful. The client may want assistance with boosting the number of sales, for example. This business owner might be considering implementing a cold-call system through automated dialing, but also may justifiably wonder whether these systems actually can be successful. In the 21st Century, with the prevalence of caller ID, does anyone still answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize?

Important Considerations in Success Rates

As with any direct sales efforts, the success percentage of automated dialing is relatively low. Nevertheless, this often is an essential part of an organization’s sales strategy and can help increase revenue dramatically. Even with a 10-percent lead generation success rate, that can mean thousands of dollars in extra revenue. In many instances, sales calls are much more effective than email, even though email campaigns are cheaper. Some people feel annoyed by sales calls, but the positive aspect of human interaction cannot be ignored.

The Advantages of Predictive Dialers

In recent years, automated call systems have shifted to the use of predictive dialers, which is more advantageous for everyone. Management consultants also can discuss strategies that have been proven to work in generating leads through predictive dialers.

These systems organize information into a database, helping the system become smarter with time. The dialers eliminate numbers from the call list such as fax machines and are able to immediately end the call if an answering machine or Voicemail picks up. Prediction includes being able to know when the current phone conversation will end, allowing for a new number to be dialed at a precise moment. That reduces downtime between calls.

Employee Satisfaction

Because predictive dialers help call center agents meet their desired quotas, the equipment reduces turnover and helps maintain a workplace in which employees feel satisfied. They like being productive and feeling that they are not wasting time on these efforts. The management consulting firm can discuss with clients the possibility of paying commissions and bonuses in addition to wages. That also keeps employees feeling happy about the job.